Welcome to my new website!

My name is Mary Collis and my hope is that I can help you to transform your health with nutrition.

IMG_3341 (1)You can experience marked health improvement, and in many cases, you can become well, regardless of how much pain and suffering you have put up with until now.

The human body has been incredibly designed to heal itself.  Every day we see this – when we see how a cut heals.  As long as the body is still alive it is working diligently and ceaselessly to heal damage that has been done.  It continues this process until you draw your final breath.

It is never too late to begin turning things around.  As long as you stop doing whatever is causing the damage and start giving your body the materials it needs to fuel its recovery – there is no telling how much healing can occur for you.  In the words of the apostle Paul, “My prayer for you is that you will experience the measureless power of God.”  Ephesians 1:19 (TPT)

These days, most people are confused as to what fuel our bodies need to get healthy and to stay healthy.  From studying the science, and from both clinical and personal experience, I can help you to see what you may be doing that is preventing your healing, and what steps you need to take nutritionally to give your body what it needs to heal.

On this website, I will publish general material so that you can see how other people have got well and some of the things that cause ill health.  I want to raise your expectation for health improvement for yourself.

If you would like me to let you know when new material has been posted, please subscribe on any ‘Blog Post’ page.  I plan to post once a week.  I hope you will give your feedback in the comments sections.  I will read every comment and respond as I am able.  If you have a topic you want me to address, please leave a comment below.

And if you would like personal help with your health, please email me at ‘Contact Me’ in the top menu bar.

I look forward to connecting with you!