A Vegetarian in Japan

Last year I spent a week in Japan: a day in Tokyo, and 5 days in a country town by a ski resort 6 hours’ drive west of Tokyo.  We were celebrating my 50th birthday and this was my celebration of choice – and what a super-fabulous choice it turned out to be!

My Favourite Plant-Based Recipe Resources

If you didn’t grow up in a vegetarian family, learning to cook whole food plant-based meals can be quite a challenge at first.  You have to find foods that are actually plant-based (not laden with oils and dairy), that meet the taste criteria, that fill you up enough and that don’t take all day to prepare.  And for some of us – we have no one to ask advice from – just the Internet.

In this post I list four of my most relied upon recipe blogs/books and where to find oil-free recipes.  I hope you will find something on my list of tried and tested resources to add to your own growing list of favourites.

Where I get my Iron

I don’t eat red meat, and I haven’t for nearly 3 years.  I don’t eat other animal foods either, but recent blood tests I ordered to measure how my nutritional plan was working for me showed that not only were my blood iron levels excellent, but I also had good iron storage levels (which can be lower in vegans).

Many people are iron deficient.  It’s the most common nutritional deficiency in the world.  Most people I’ve spoken to who find they are anaemic were committed meat eaters at the time they become iron-deficient.  They can’t understand why this happened since they regularly eat iron-rich red meat.

I thought some of you may like to know where I get enough iron to stay full of beans.

How to Avoid Weight Gain while Traveling

Most people put on weight while travelling.  Or if not while actually on the road (or air) then within  couple of weeks of getting home.

If you have one holiday every year or less often, this may be of little concern to you.  However, for many of us, it becomes a big concern as we rapidly undo the self discipline of many many months and have to spend another 3 – 4 months getting back to where we were before we went away.

In this article I share what I’ve learned to maintain weight when traveling.