Nitrates, nitrites, nitrosamines – What are the Facts?

Processed meats such as hot dogs, ham, bacon and salami contain many proven cancer-causing compounds.  This has been known for many years.  But people are still eating them – even people who otherwise seem to care about their health.

In this article I hope to lift the lid on just how dangerous these products are, and in doing so, cut through the uncertainty about nitrites, nitrates and nitrosamines – which are bad and which are good.

The missing key to consistent weight control

There is a myth in the health world that goes something like this:

“If you only eat healthy foods, and leave out the other categories of food that are not healthy, you can eat all of the healthy foods you like and you will reach a normal weight.”

All diets have a marketing gimmick.  But for 99% of them, a missing key has been left out – a practice that must be learned in order to attain and maintain a normal weight.

In this post I talk about the lost key to weight control.