Issues with Oestrogens in Milk

If you were deciding to improve your health and you knew that animal foods were not as healthy as plant foods, which would you give up first? Milk and dairy or meat?

All the vegetarians in the world have chosen ‘meat’ to give up – and research shows that this certainly improves health in many areas and leads to living a few years longer.

The better choice, however, would be ‘milk and dairy foods’ .

Removing dairy foods while leaving in a couple of serves of meat a week will lead to even more health benefits than giving up meat but continuing with daily serves of milk and dairy.  This article looks at just the oestrogen factor in cow’s milk and a few reasons why it is so detrimental to human health.

Why we need anti-oxidants

Anti-oxidants are one of the best reasons to eat more plant foods.  If everyone knew what powers they had, the government would never need to encourage us to eat 2 pieces of fruit a day and 5 serves of vegetables – we’d eat WAY more than that without anyone saying anything!

So what are anti-oxidants, and what do they do?  Read on and find out!