How to Avoid Weight Gain while Traveling

Most people put on weight while travelling.  Or if not while actually on the road (or air) then within  couple of weeks of getting home.

If you have one holiday every year or less often, this may be of little concern to you.  However, for many of us, it becomes a big concern as we rapidly undo the self discipline of many many months and have to spend another 3 – 4 months getting back to where we were before we went away.

In this article I share what I’ve learned to maintain weight when traveling.

A ‘Traditional’ Diet – Good or Bad?

In our fast-paced world, as we look around us we see so many people are sick.  It is easy to romanticise about the past and imagine, in a simpler, slower world, that people weren’t as sick.

If this seems a little naive to you, don’t laugh; this is the typical thinking of most people.  Whole books have been written glorifying the diets of our ancestors of only 100 – 150 years ago, and whole dietary movements are based upon imagined views of what our ancestors back at the dawn of human history apparently ate or did not eat.  Both opinions believe a more ‘traditional’ diet will produce better health.

Here are some facts about traditional diets for you to chew on:

Why I Rarely Eat Fish

Fish has been marketed as a health food for a long time.  Its fat contains much Omega 3 fat – more than any other food on the planet per serve.

Many health issues arise when people are short on Omega 3 fats (also called DHA and EPA).

A Vegan in Scandinavia

I recently (May 2015) returned from a whirlwind 10 day tour around some parts of Scandinavia, a wondrous part of the world.

As a whole-food vegan,  I try to avoid refined foods, vegan or not.  In Scandinavia I was able to eat mostly wholefood as well as vegan – but it took some thought.  Here are my experiences as a vegan traveling in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

American Vegan

Recently I travelled to LA for a work event with my husband.

The USA is a land of big things – big hopes, big opportunities, big cars, big meals and big people! Three years ago in the USA, I gained 3kg in 3 weeks.

As a 95% vegan*, and committed plant-based eater, I hoped to fare better this time.

Can a Child be Healthy on a Plant-Based Diet?

Plant foods alone can keep you healthy in every stage of life.

There is so much information available on the benefits of a plant-based diet from infancy, childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, lactation, middle age and old age.  

But just like with any diet,  you have to know how to eat right at each stage in order to remain healthy.