Four Ways to Calm Inflammation Down

This is Part Two of my inflammation posts.  Part One describes how inflammation is the intelligent, self-healing  response of the body to some sort of injury.  And how stopping the inflammatory response altogether with drugs is ultimately damaging for other organs.

This second post describes your options (other than drugs) to calm inflammation.

Acne – Preventable and Reversible

Acne is the most common skin condition in Australia.

Up to 85% of Australians will develop acne in their life, and 5% will have severe acne.  Nearly 50% of men and women will experience acne into their thirties. Severe acne affects relationships and a person’s sense of self, and can lead to anxiety and depression.

Acne is a skin disease caused by diet.  Some people are more predisposed to it than others, but by changing your diet, you will be able to bring an end to it.  This post tells you how.

Nitrates, nitrites, nitrosamines – What are the Facts?

Processed meats such as hot dogs, ham, bacon and salami contain many proven cancer-causing compounds.  This has been known for many years.  But people are still eating them – even people who otherwise seem to care about their health.

In this article I hope to lift the lid on just how dangerous these products are, and in doing so, cut through the uncertainty about nitrites, nitrates and nitrosamines – which are bad and which are good.

The Problem with Paleo, Part 3 – All that saturated fat – or “Butter is NOT good!”

Saturated fat must be the most controversial nutrient in the nutrition world these days.  For decades we’ve known how closely it is tied in with heart disease, shown how fast it raises cholesterol (a known risk factor for heart disease) and known the links of saturated fat to our most common cancers.

Now studies are coming out suggesting we were wrong and it isn’t so bad after all.