Fat and Diabetes


For nearly 40 years, practically all research has indicated that eating fat is implicated in heart disease  – strongly implicated – and that it is also a big player in the obesity epidemic and in the common cancers (breast, prostate and colon).

This research is what spawned the low-fat campaign to take the fat out of fattening foods and provide substitutes.

Now it seems all those studies were wrong – but were they?

In this article I want to look at our fat-loving habits, and the new research – that fat is the main cause of Type 2 diabetes – not sugar, as was once believed.

The missing key to consistent weight control

There is a myth in the health world that goes something like this:

“If you only eat healthy foods, and leave out the other categories of food that are not healthy, you can eat all of the healthy foods you like and you will reach a normal weight.”

All diets have a marketing gimmick.  But for 99% of them, a missing key has been left out – a practice that must be learned in order to attain and maintain a normal weight.

In this post I talk about the lost key to weight control.

How to Avoid Weight Gain while Traveling

Most people put on weight while travelling.  Or if not while actually on the road (or air) then within  couple of weeks of getting home.

If you have one holiday every year or less often, this may be of little concern to you.  However, for many of us, it becomes a big concern as we rapidly undo the self discipline of many many months and have to spend another 3 – 4 months getting back to where we were before we went away.

In this article I share what I’ve learned to maintain weight when traveling.

Why I Rarely Eat Fish

Fish has been marketed as a health food for a long time.  Its fat contains much Omega 3 fat – more than any other food on the planet per serve.

Many health issues arise when people are short on Omega 3 fats (also called DHA and EPA).