Here is where to book in for a consultation with Mary.

I practice from clinics in both in Windsor and Bella Vista (NSW).  If you would like to book, please call (02) 8824 6792 (Bella Vista) or (02) 4577 6215 (Windsor), stating which clinic venue you want to attend.  I work on Mondays in Windsor and Wednesdays in Bella Vista, and every second Saturday in Bella Vista AM/ Windsor PM (from 30 July).

I am offering a ‘starting out’ discount for the first few months.

First consultations take about 1 ¼ hrs and cost $90 (start up cost), and follow up visits take ½ hr and cost $55 (start up cost).  These prices will be valid until mid October.

Please call one of the above numbers to book in.  After you book you will be sent a food diary form to fill out and bring to the first consultation.

I look forward to helping you improve your health.

You can start early on the food diary if you like: 3-day-food-diary