How do you think about food?  What it tastes like, what it looks like, how it smells?  How it makes you feel? The memories it is tied up with? All of these things?

If you are trying to be healthy, maybe you think about vitamins in the food. If you’re a nutritionist, you may think about the macronutrients it provides – such as protein, carbohydrates or fat.

Food is actually a lot more than the sum of its parts or how it smells or tastes.  Food is INFORMATION – the information that controls how our bodies work.

For instance, if my computer screen has ‘frozen’, my manual says to hit “Command – Option – Escape” in that order, and the screen will unfreeze and I’ll then be able to close the offending program but not lose information on the rest I had open at the time. Hit the right keys in the right order, and YES! My computer responds as the manual said it would.  What a great feeling when what you type in is the message the computer is waiting for!

But what if you didn’t read the manual or no one told you that those were the keys to hit to solve that problem? You will end up having to turn off the computer and maybe lose some information.

That’s the problem today. Hardly anyone knows anymore what foods give the right information to make us healthy.

No one actually knew in the past either, but they had access to so few varieties of food that they just ate the same things all the time.

Whether those foods they the all the time kept one healthy or not past the age of child bearing and the passing on of genes was of no concern – that was all there was to eat.

But we’ve got choice today – too much choice.  So we have to know more in order to choose correctly.

Everything we eat carries information – information to direct  the computer that is our body. The food we eat carries that information to the waiting chemical messengers, our hormones. The hormones ‘read’ the information in the incoming food, and that tells them what to do with that food – to store it, where to store it, or burn it.  It’s easy to tell that people don’t know how to choose the right food: the whole population is getting sicker and fatter, fatter and sicker, and that shows that most people’s bodies are getting the wrong messages, or else they’d be staying leaner and healthier.  It’s that simple.


virus-alert-signMuch (may I say, “most”) of what we call ‘food’ today is like a computer download that carries a virus.  Not the kind of virus that gives you the flu, but the kind that messes up the computer and causes malfunctions.  One malfunction leads to another and bodies slowly but surely break down.

Thankfully there are still foods around today that operate like anti-viral software.  They send the correct messages for our bodies to start working as they should – in a state of super-health.

In the words of Hippocrates, in Ancient Greece in 400 BC:  “Let food be your medicine & let medicine be your food.”

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