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Multiple Allergies and Respiratory Infections in a Child

Our 11 year old son has been sick with a compromised immune system since he was a baby.  His symptoms were respiratory infections, pneumonia at one stage, tiredness, regular upset stomachs, dizziness, eczema, swollen red eyes, allergies, sinus pain and aching joints.  He has missed much school.

Earlier this year we took him to see Mary.  After taking a full medical and health history, she identified how this was all tied together and how it had started. Then she explained how dietary and lifestyle changes could begin to reverse the process. She spoke in terms we could understand without skipping over the complexity of how the body works.  Together, we put together a plan I could work with, considering our large family.

She carefully went over all the vitamins we had been giving our son (under professional advice we had respected), and discovered one contained extra ingredients equalling the caffeine in 6 cups of coffee, and several took him well over the upper limits for a child his size.  She then took him off all his supplements except one, and altered his diet to get the things he needed from food.

After 5 months following Mary’s advice, our son no longer has digestive issues and lethargy, is no longer reacting to things he was allergic to including dust mites, is not as susceptible to respiratory infections, only rarely gets joint pain or rashes, and he is at school every day!”  ML, Jan 2016


“I had suffered from frequent migraines for at least the last ten years – at least twice a month and for usually 3 days at a time (which left me unable to work for much of that time). Although I had sought help from a number of health practitioners I was unable to shift them. I had resorted to taking prescription medication to treat the symptoms.  Mary’s thorough assessment process and her attention to detail enabled her to solve my problem. Within 3 months the migraines were very slight, and within the next few months they were completely gone. Thank God I am migraine free!!  Not only that my health has improved in so many ways. No more fluid retention or afternoon fatigue. Thanks Mary.” GS, June 2015

Food Addictions

“Since seeing Mary for food coaching I have come to the realisation that I can take control over my eating habits as well as that certain foods can improve my quality of life.  I am healthy now and able to make good food choices. Food is no longer in control. Thanks so much, Mary.” VJ, Oct 2015

Adrenal Hyperplasia

“After having both adrenal glands horribly swollen with the left gland rupturing and bleeding internally, I was told by specialists that it would have to be removed and I would be on hormone replacements for life!  Thanks to Mary’s sound advice giving me a complete dietary overhaul, my adrenal glands are completely healed and I am 100% drug free!
Thanks so much, Mary.  My family and I appreciate your help greatly!!” MK, Dec 2015


“With many thyroid nodules and the debilitating symptoms of auto-immune hyperthyroid disease, my doctor wanted to begin radioactive iodine immediately to kill off my malfunctioning thyroid gland.  Within 4 months of starting on Mary’s diet, the thyroid nodules so reduced that the radiographer recommended no further treatment; my blood tests show all my hormones are almost back in the normal ranges.  I have no more heart palpitations, I feel cool for the first time in decades, and I’m sleeping well now.  Mary told me we needed a year, but it’s been much quicker than that.” JN, July 2016