“Nature is God’s physician”.

Here begins Dr H.E. Kirshner’s health classic from the 1960s.

In the following 7 posts, you will find old laws of nature – made contemporary.  I hope you will not despise them because they are old.  They may appear to be just common sense – so simple that you think they won’t make much difference.

I can assure you though, that used together and approached wth commitment to apply them, they will produce a harvest of health.

Two errors of judgement I will warn you of:

  • Misunderstanding thresholds:  Doing a little of each of these may make a small difference to your health in some cases.  Doing a little of each of these may prevent your health from deteriorating in some other cases.  But in order to halt or reverse a health condition that you already have – you will need to reach a threshold with each.  That threshold is different for each of us, dependent on
    1. your previous lifestyle (how long you’ve been applying these healthy life principles),
    2. your family medical history (you may be switching off a gene that has caused ill-health in your family for generations – and that takes commitment), and
    3. to what extent you are applying the other 6 health principles (they all work together).
  • The deceptiveness of ‘Moderation’.  In our culture, moderation with all things is applauded. However, if you want to apply moderation to Nature’s 7 Doctors – then you may expect moderation in the common Western diseases.  If you wish to turn around the beginnings of a modern Western disease in your life, you will need to put away moderation in Nature’s 7 Doctors once and for all, and get serious about embracing real lifestyle change.

Don’t give up – it takes investment of time, and commitment to turn a condition around.

Just a little more commitment than the next person may be all you need to get across the line.


A tree that grew stronger than all the others

Nature’s 7 Doctors work for God.  They always have.  He employed them. When you align yourself with these Doctor’s, you align yourself with the principles of health God set into the design of the human body.  In essence, you get in line with God’s plan for health. He always wanted us healthy – and this is how we fall into that plan.

Modern health care is based on adding a little of this medicine or that superfood to an otherwise damaging lifestyle.  That is like building a house on sand.  By committing to apply Nature’s 7 Doctors to your life, you are shifting your ‘house’ onto solid bedrock – from where a tree of enduring health can spring up.  Don’t underestimate the power of aligning yourself with nature (and the God who created it).


[Painting at top by Camille Pissarro]