A Vegan in Scandinavia

I recently (May 2015) returned from a whirlwind 10 day tour around some parts of Scandinavia, a wondrous part of the world.

As a whole-food vegan,  I try to avoid refined foods, vegan or not.  In Scandinavia I was able to eat mostly wholefood as well as vegan – but it took some thought.  Here are my experiences as a vegan traveling in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

American Vegan

Recently I travelled to LA for a work event with my husband.

The USA is a land of big things – big hopes, big opportunities, big cars, big meals and big people! Three years ago in the USA, I gained 3kg in 3 weeks.

As a 95% vegan*, and committed plant-based eater, I hoped to fare better this time.

Can a Child be Healthy on a Plant-Based Diet?

Plant foods alone can keep you healthy in every stage of life.

There is so much information available on the benefits of a plant-based diet from infancy, childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, lactation, middle age and old age.  

But just like with any diet,  you have to know how to eat right at each stage in order to remain healthy.

The Problem with Paleo, Part 3 – All that saturated fat – or “Butter is NOT good!”

Saturated fat must be the most controversial nutrient in the nutrition world these days.  For decades we’ve known how closely it is tied in with heart disease, shown how fast it raises cholesterol (a known risk factor for heart disease) and known the links of saturated fat to our most common cancers.

Now studies are coming out suggesting we were wrong and it isn’t so bad after all.

The Problem with Paleo, Part 2 – Why so much meat is a bad thing

One of the main reasons the Paleo diet appeals to so many people, especially men, is that no one has to give up their long time favourite food – meat – the star of almost every meal.  For decades we have known that eating more vegetables is where good health is really at.  Yet people love their meat.  It’s star shines so brightly due to so much wonderful (but unscientific) marketing.

The Problem with Paleo, Part 1

The Paleo diet is taking the world by storm.  People looking for quick weight loss are attracted by its claims, people wanting better health while still eating their favourite foods are drawn to it, health nuts and gym bods love all the vegetables and protein on the menus.

Right now, Paleo is hip.  It’s cool, it’s organic and it’s here!  And probably at your local cafe.