Could taking BCAAs be setting you up for Cancer?

It has been accepted in the sports nutrition world for some time that taking 3g of the amino acid, leucine, along with 20 – 25g protein after intense exercise, will result in faster repair of muscles and greater muscle growth.

This is true, but there is a dark side to this that few body-builders realise.  Read on to learn more of the facts.

Exercise is Medicine

I usually talk about how food is medicine – but it’s not the only factor in being healthy – or getting healthy for that matter.  Exercise improves immune function, mental health, sleep quality, blood pressure, helps prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and osteoporosis, and increases your lifespan.  It’s at #5 on the list of factors causing mortality (death), behind diet at #1 and smoking at #2, but #5 is still worth giving some focus to.

Four Essentials to Managing Stress

Ever since Hans Selye published his book, The Stress of Life, in 1956, the word ‘stress’ has become a common word.  Selye, an endocrinologist, described stress as the physiological response of animals to a change in environment.  He knew that stress affected our bodies – it brought about actual physiological changes.  If not brought under control, this change can negatively affect our general health.

In this post are four practical things we can do to manage stress.

Four Ways to Calm Inflammation Down

This is Part Two of my inflammation posts.  Part One describes how inflammation is the intelligent, self-healing  response of the body to some sort of injury.  And how stopping the inflammatory response altogether with drugs is ultimately damaging for other organs.

This second post describes your options (other than drugs) to calm inflammation.

Skin Conditions. What is your body trying to tell you?

Recently I had the privilege of attending a two day workshop by Karen Fischer, Australian nutritionist and author of The Eczema Diet, and several other books on skin health. Skin conditions are one of the most complicated conditions to improve.  Having devoured three of Karen’s books, I was full of anticipation for this workshop.

Many of Karen’s clients are people who have tried everything, seen multiple doctors and specialists, tried all sorts of alternate pathways to healing, and still have unresolved skin issues that are often debilitating, painful and embarrassing.  Karen’s amazing success with so many difficult cases over the past ten years has earned her worldwide acclaim.  Many would have seen her on the Today Show.

Here’s a (very) brief summary of how I processed the workshop information.